Funny Reactions to the ‘You’re Getting a Sibling!’ Announcement


Both of my kiddos have been too young to get much of a reaction from any pregnancy announcement we’ve made. My daughter was only 12 months when I got pregnant with No. 2, and both kids pretty much shrugged and went back to playing with Legos when we told them they had another sibling on the way. As my belly gets bigger, I think it sinks in a little bit, especially for the nearly 4-year-old, who now hugs my belly (when she’s not laughing at it) and says, “I love you, baby!”

I absolutely love this video of siblings getting the news that another member of the family is on the way. Some are thrilled, some are … not so thrilled. See for yourself the hilarious reactions!

Can’t see the video? Click here to see kids react to the fact that they’re getting a sibling!

How did your kids react when you told them another little one was coming along? —Erin


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