Pregnancy Update: Hello, Third Trimester!

I hit 28 weeks of pregnancy last week, so by all accounts, I’m officially in my third trimester. I’m not exactly sure where the time went, and I simultaneously want to speed up and get to the end of this pregnancy and hit pause because it’s going way too fast.

Physically, it’s getting tougher and tougher to keep up with life — and the lively two kids I’m chasing every day. The constant picking up toys, carrying tantrum-throwing kiddos, and going up and down the stairs all day wears me out. So much so that I wake up every morning with sore calves — and I’m not even experiencing calf-cramping overnight! It’s just a side effect of nonstop motion all day coupled with extra weight that’s leaving me tired. third-trimester-web

Weight gain has been significantly slower this time around, probably both because I’m chasing two kids all day and because I’m just not eating as much to try to curb the reflux. When food isn’t as much fun and you have to eat smaller portions just to prevent misery, you tend to not overdo it quite as much. I’ve always gained 35 pounds right on the nose for each of my pregnancies, but this time around I’m up about 18 pounds at 28 weeks. It’s possible I could gain another 12 pounds or so leading up to 40 weeks, but seeing as how I tend to go into labor at 35 weeks, I doubt I’ll have that extra time to pack on the extra pounds!

Even though I’ve gained less weight this time around, my maternity shorts from last time are nearly unwearable, as they’re too tight and cut off my circulation. I’ve resorted to mostly rotating five dresses, which gets boring, but at least I don’t have to deal with the discomfort. I realize I could get bigger maternity shorts, but I much prefer dresses for summer pregnancies anyway. Except for: Thigh chafing! Dear goodness, another fun “side effect” that I’ve never dealt with during pregnancy, and I’m not a fan. I’ve gotta take some tips from runners to help me prevent chafing!

My reflux is actually quite a bit better. My sore throat is mild throughout the day and kicks up most nights, but it’s significantly better than it was, so I’m taking it. Plus being on the Zantac is preventing the heartburn I’ve always experienced later in pregnancy, so that’s a win, even if I hate being on medications during pregnancy. The other aches and pains aren’t getting me down, and I feel like I’m in a temporary sweet spot where I’m still feeling decent but tired.

Emotionally? I’m all over the map! My 2-year-old has successfully brought me to tears two days in a row. I’m trying to “take it easy,” which means the chaos just piles up around the house. And I don’t know whether it’ll be easier to take care of three kids in a non-pregnant state, or if I should just hope this pregnancy lasts as long as possible because at least one of them is contained even though I’m way more tired and at a physical disadvantage! I’m just overwhelmed with it all, and it doesn’t help that I have a poor puking puppy whose stomach has kept mine company lately. And whose stomach has also cost us more than $1,000 (and counting!) in vet bills recently. Here’s hoping we at least get her figured out before the baby comes!

But, it all gets sorted out. The Terrible Evil Horrible Twos and Threes won’t last forever. Neither will pregnancy. And the chaos of a newborn will fit right into the chaos that’s already here. At least he or she should be able to sleep through anything considering all of the commotion we hear on a daily basis! And I have my mother-in-law coming to help out around week 33, so maybe I’ll get to snag a break here and there!

How do you cope with thigh chafing? Any bets on if I’ll make it past 35 weeks? —Erin

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  1. Ok, I NEVER comment on anyone’s site but I feel you pain on the thigh chaffing!!
    I have found that the Jockey brand Skimmies(?) are a Godsend.
    They are not maternity wear but I bought them in a size larger than I usually wear and they
    Are long enough to prevent chaffing AND come up high enough on a pregnant belly that they
    don’t roll down!! This is coming from a Mom at 35 weeks and not a small girl either!!
    Good luck!!