Book Review: Fit & Healthy Pregnancy

Fit-pregnancy-book-585I was so excited to get a review copy of Fit & Healthy Pregnancy: How to Stay Strong and in Shape for You and Your Baby. It was early in my own pregnancy, when I was still working out a ton, and I had so much fun gleaning tips from the book. I look at it now, at 34 weeks pregnant, and see the baby bump bounding gleefully across the cover and wish I had a bit of that bounding going on — especially the gleeful type! But even though there are too many shooting, stabbing pains in my left thigh and pelvic region (thanks to an old friend resurfacing) for me to cheerfully run like the cover model, I’ve found this book to be a valuable resource for the active mama-to-be!

I love that the book doesn’t solely focus on pregnancy, although that’s the bulk of it. There is also a chapter dedicated to the pre-pregnancy period and prepping for the “ultra-event” that is pregnancy, as well as several chapters dedicated to the fourth trimester — those months after baby has arrived and you’re thrown into a whole new world of demands on your recovering bod. Each chapter that’s dedicated to the trimesters breaks down tons of great information on what’s going on with your pregnant body, along with nutrition information, and mind and body tidbits. There are so many sports-specific tips on running, swimming and cycling, and you’ll see that you don’t have to be a seasoned, elite athlete to benefit from this book: it also includes tips and recommendations for those new to exercise, too.

With all of the expert tips both from the author Kristina Pinto and Dr. Rachel Kramer, an ob-gyn who has two sons and competes in triathlon and distance running, there is just the right amount of hand-holding so you’ll feel confident in keeping up your workouts during pregnancy as long as you’ve got doctor approval and exercise is feeling comfortable for you. Plus, they give you plenty of support along the way and ammunition to throw back at people who tell you to just skip your workouts because you’re pregnant; you’ll be reassured by the many, many, many benefits of exercise during pregnancy that they share throughout.

With nutrition guidelines, illustrated exercises and stretches, and good general information about labor and delivery and breastfeeding, it’s a great guide for the mom who wants to stay fit and healthy during pregnancy!

Interested in reading it yourself? Leave a comment below telling me why, and I’ll pass my copy along to the winner! U.S. residents only, please. Winner will be notified via email and in the comments. —Erin


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  1. Would love this book! I’m at 5 b e end of 1st trimester and could use some new motivation as I regain some energy in my day.

  2. I would love to read this, I just found out I’m pregnant and want y o know more how to workout while pregnant so I don’t go down hill so to speak.

  3. Ah, I would love a copy of this book. I have been a certified fitness instructor for 3 years, teach fitness classes regularly, and currently on my second pregnancy (32 weeks) since being certified. I enjoy reading everything I can on fitness and pregnancy (and fitness after pregnancy). This book I have not read yet!

  4. I would love to have a copy of this book. For the past year I have been getting in shape by making lifestyle changes and exercising. We have a four year old and have been planning to have another child, but I want to make sure I stay on track with my fitness goals throughout and after the pregnancy. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I would like to read this book because we have a little human inside of us whom I want to protect and take care of. With the help and tips from the book I would give birth to a healthy baby and I’ll be healthy too to be able to take care of my little one!!

  6. Wow there’s so much included in this book, as I view the contents overview. I love the section What’s happening to my body?, in each section. Great reviews and it’s on my wish list for a new mom. What a great gift to include in a new mom gift basket