Funny Relationship Quotes For the Once-Romantic Parents

Jake and I recently came across a few mementos from our earlier dating/marriage life. We found a CD (yes … a CD … that circular device you insert into a stereo … yes, a stereo… that thing with an antenna!) full of songs from college we listened to together. We found letters and cards to one another with cute little sayings on them, meant for only us. There were quotes about being in love, about finding that person, and about the need to be together. Our dialogue to one another was sweet, though if anyone else were to read it they might want to vomit. Our time together was spent being all ooey-gooey, especially during our years of long-distance dating. In college we were two hours away from each other and later on, I was in Chicago and Jake was in Kansas City. So yes — our reunions were perfect.

Then came marriage. Then came baby.

If we were to write letters to each other now, here is what they’d look like! A few things have changed …

Funny Relationship Quotes for the Married With Kids









Which one do you relate to the most now that you’re a parent!? Feel free to save and share your favorite wherever you’d like! —Jennifer


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