Fitness Apparel Head to Toe: Ellie Apparel and New Balance Shoes

There’s nothing like a new workout outfit to get you motivated, and today I’m sharing a head-to-toe look that has gotten me moving lately. From a new fitness company to an old favorite, we’ve got you covered!


Ellie Wave Runner Capris and Gemini Light Top


Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I am OBSESSED with fitness capris. I love them, but I am extremely picky. After the silly Lululemon snafu about how their line is not made for fuller-figured women (to put it gently), I’ve been on the hunt for new lines to try. I need something that keeps my body covered and supported during crazy fitness moves, and of course something cute and appropriate for my market runs. I gave a new fitness apparel company Ellie a try, and I’m glad I did. Ellie launched in 2013 out of Santa Monica, and the prices are on point and their fit is comfortable.

The Wave Runner Capri ($54.95) had me at hello — or at least had me when the postman rang the doorbell. The colors are fun, energetic, inspiring! The fit is great for those of us who have some junk in the trunk. My booty needs a bit of coverage, and these provided it without shifting during my workout. The high-waisted crossover fit is so comfortable and flattering. These are compression-like, holding in all parts of the junk in the trunk! The colors and style of the pant are fresh and so HOT HOT HOT! From running to a hot sweaty Fusion class, these capris held up to my expectations, staying in place and allowing for a free range of motion. I’m in love!

The Gemini Light Top ($39.95) was just that — light. Don’t be concerned about the open back; it’s flattering and completely modest. The top is most friendly for a light yoga class and goes from class to street quickly. If you’re looking for a great, light top that lets your body breathe, this should be at the top of your list. The style is timeless, in my opinion. From the color to the ruching, it will be a long term piece in your fitness wardrobe!

You are also in luck: Ellie is offering our readers 20 percent off your first order! Enter code: fitbottomedgirl at check out and be sure to tell us what you think below!

New Balance Fresh Foam

Shoes can make or break a workout. Bad shoes cause a whole lot of issues, and we begin to feel it in our knees and backs. We’ve all been there, going through shoe after shoe after shoe. When New Balance asked us to try out its new Fresh Foam shoe ($99), we jumped all over it! Just for reference, I tend to go up half a size in gym shoes, and these ran true to that size.

Slipping my foot into this shoe felt so weightless. The cushioning in the shoe is soft and comforting, hugging my arches yet allowing for flexibility during movement. On a basic walk, the foam responded well to the pavement, and my toes had plenty of room to spread out.


From a running aspect, they’re fantastic! Sometimes shoes tend to make me feel as though I’m weighed down. My foot feels heavy to lift, and I tend to come down heavy on my heel. With the even distribution of the foam, I was able to come down more evenly rather than strike the pavement with my heel, which helped my performance. After, I didn’t feel the need to rush and take off my shoes. Sometimes my feet swell, which I notice that when I wear a heavier shoe. The lightweight upper gave my foot plenty of room to breathe and for air to pass through so my sweat isn’t stuck within the barrier of the shoe.

Judging by looks, these are so fun! The bright colors make me smile and get me excited to put them on. I truly believe you need to look the part to feel the part. Smiling amped me up for my workout. Looking down and seeing a bright color shine back at you is like a wink — “I got you” is what these shoes are saying.

Any fun apparel got you moving lately? —Jennifer


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