Maternity Clothing to Show Off — and Work Out — Your Bump


Now that my baby bump is undeniable (strangers are starting to comment and ask when I’m due with no fear these days), I’ve pretty much grown out of all of my normal clothes. I have a few big sweatshirts, workout tanks and stretchy pants that still fit, but on the whole, my wardrobe has gone to all maternity clothes, all the time. I’ve been SO lucky to get hand-me-downs from my amazing mom friends (thanks Tessa, Jessica and Eastin!), which I’ve been happily rocking. (For the record, jeggings and tights are the best invention ever.) I’ve also been super lucky to have scored a few new pieces from Mom’s the Word for a review!

Mom’s the Word sent me its Buddha Belly Tee ($44), Heart <3 Tee ($44) and Soft Pant ($62), and instead of writing about how these fit, look and feel, I thought I’d show you! It’s FBM’s first video review, what what!

Have a fave piece of maternity clothing? What is it? —Jenn


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