A Girl Can Get Her Black Belt, Too!

blackbelts-585Neighbors can make or break your neighborhood, and I’m lucky in that I’m surrounded on both sides by the best neighbors. On one side, we’ve got a family with three kiddos really close in age to ours. Margie, a bad-ass mom of twins, has saved my sanity on numerous occasions when I’ve been on the brink. We’re constantly saying, “Did you hear me yelling the other day? You had to have heard me yelling the other day…” On the other side, the two kids are older, but they have always been so nice to my kiddos. They’ve brought us baked goods and delicious chicken and dumplings and even pet sat when needed. Last summer when I was pregnant, I swear, I should have been paying those kids for all the playing and running around they did with my kids. On multiple occasions, Maggie ran after my son when my waddle just wasn’t up to speed.

Maggie reminds me much of my daughter: Clearly loves the princess thing (we’ve inherited several princess dresses) and girly stuff like Twilight, but she’s also super active in martial arts and has a black belt in taekwondo. We’re always seeing her run off to practice. They invited us recently to see Maggie test for her second degree black belt, so I was super excited to take my daughter — first because she adores Maggie and secondly because I’d never seen anything like that before. Basketball, softball, soccer — those were my family’s sports growing up. Martial arts was a whole new…ball game! Unfortunately, Maggie was super sick the day of testing, so even though she made a valiant effort, you could tell the poor kid was about to keel over as everyone stood there preparing to test. So even though we weren’t able to see her “break bricks,” we did stick around to watch some of the testing, which was really cool to see. We’ll do our best to be there when the next round of testing happens!

Soon after this experience, I came across this video of a 3-year-old reciting her student creed. This alone will make you want to sign your kids up for martial arts.

Can’t see the video? Click here to see the cutest martial artist ever.

It’s a good reminder to think outside of the ball when it comes to getting your kids involved in activities. Dance, gymnastics, swimming and martial arts are all great ways to get your kids moving doing something they love. And if they don’t love one thing, let them keep looking until something clicks!

Ever been involved with martial arts?Erin 

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  1. I teach both Martial Arts and Gymnastics and I think every kid should be involved in them at least to try it out. The kids who come through our classes are fantastic – confident, brave, respectful, everything you could want.