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When you have kids, your life is so full. Full of love and hugs and kisses. Full of drool and diapers and noise. There is so much more of everything. But there is one thing that most parents are lacking. Yes, obviously sleep, we don’t need to tell you that. But also time. When you have kids, so much of your time is given to them and your days just get filled up so quickly. Between work and childcare and groceries and errands, it can seem like there is only enough time to barely keep the laundry from reaching the ceiling and not enough time for much of anything else. That’s why I love to see products that either a) make life significantly easier for parents or b) save time. If products do both? They are winners in my book. I recently tested out the Born Free Bottle Genius and it is most definitely a winner. And, as the name implies, genius.


If you’re formula feeding your baby — and remember, we are firm believers in supporting moms’ choices however they choose to feed their babies —- the Bottle Genius makes preparing baby bottles a no-brainer. You know how coffee makers work: You measure out the coffee, dump in the water, hit start and voilà, you have coffee. The Bottle Genius works like that for baby formula — only it’s smarter. You don’t have to measure anything to make the perfect bottle. You simply fill the water container, dump in formula, dial in your desired bottle size from 2 ounces to 10, including odd number ounce increments, and hit the start button. The Smart Scale Technology measures as the bottle is being made to ensure the proper amount of formula and water are used — and it works with all major bottle brands and all powder formula brands. Bottles can be made at room temperature or warm — and because the water is heated on demand, it’s energy efficient.

And you know how when babies decide they are hungry they are hungry NOW!? The Bottle Genius makes the bottle quickly with no fussing from you. If your baby needs your attention, you don’t have to be fumbling with scoops and bottles and powder while a baby cries on your shoulder; simply push a button and the bottle makes itself. The sanitization system also removes 99.9 percent of household bacteria so it’s easy to clean and you don’t have to waste any time worrying about the cleanliness of the product.

We recommend using the Bottle Genius with Born Free bottles because their ActiveFlow Venting Technology reduces colic symptoms babies sometimes experience with bottle feeding. While I was lucky that none of my babies were colicky, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, 20 percent of babies experience colic. If that’s the case, even more reason to make your life as easy as possible — especially now since March is Colic Awareness Month. All new parents can use support during their first few months home. Take the Born Free Pledge to help a parent in need here.

If you plan to bottle feed — or do a combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding — this is certainly one of those products that you’ll love. And this Wednesday we’re hosting a Twitter party with Born Free to share a little bit more about why we love the Bottle Genius along with our favorite time-saving tips for parents. We know you’ve got time savers you use and love, so join us and share them. You’ll have a chance to win some awesome prizes, including two three-pack bottle sets (one glass and one classic) and a grand prize of a Bottle Genius ($169.99). If you can’t wait to get a hold of the Bottle Genius until then, you can purchase it in store at Buy Buy Baby. 


To get you excited for the party, we’re giving away a three-pack of glass bottles. Just comment below to enter to win and we’ll choose winners on Wednesday. U.S. residents only, please.



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  1. Yay! Can’t wait to party! I’m a huge fan of the Born Free brand and will have my fingers crossed at the party! Thanks!

  2. RSVP @shaygurl318. I am entering to win and RSVP for the chat. Can’t wait to “meet” everyone there.