So About Those Cloth Diapers I Swore I’d Use …

As a new mom, you learn to never say never. Or never say always. And mostly, never ever think you know it all. Because all that stuff you swore you’d do or never do before you had the baby? Well, not to be blunt, but that shit just hits the fan. Sometimes, quite literally!

Which is a great transition because this post is about POOP and PEE! And how I’m totally eating humble pie after swearing that I was going to use cloth diapers. Oh, my pregnant self was so sweet. I didn’t think the extra laundry would be a big deal — and those cloth diapers and covers are so. darn. cute. I’d help save the world one cloth diaper at a time!


But then we tried them and although they really are adorbs, Gwen just wasn’t a fan. The second they’d get wet, she’d get really upset and fussy. Which — don’t get me wrong — I don’t mind changing a few extra diapers. But she’d be so upset that it would take 10-plus minutes to soothe her only to have her upset again in an hour. The nights we tried it, we changed an average of eight diapers in 10 hours. Eight diapers in 10 hours does not make for a happy mom, dad or baby. I even bought some hemp and fleece liners to help. No dice.

And so, despite my best intentions, I threw my preconceived notions of what kind of mom I thought I would be out the window, stocked up on some eco-friendly disposable Honest Diapers and called it a day.

But! That wasn’t before I did quite a few loads of cloth-diaper laundry with this:


And even though cloth diapers didn’t work for my family, this stuff did. Made with only natural ingredients and free of harsh chemicals, toxins, fragrance, fillers, carcinogens and preservatives, Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Laundry Powder worked at getting even the dirtiest of cloth diapers clean. I liked it so much so that I’m hoping when we have baby no. 2, we can give cloth diapers another go and use this stuff again. At $14.99 it’s not cheap, but it works. And that’s worth it in my book.

To all the moms out there who do cloth diapers and love it, I’m in awe of you! —Jenn


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