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fila-giveaway-585Gone are the days of your standard black running tight or yoga pant. These days, bold prints are making waves in the fitness fashion world, like these eye-popping ones I tried out recently. If you’ve wanted to up your print game when it comes to the gear you sweat in, today’s giveaway is for you!

We’ve got a Fila outfit up for grabs — all in a size medium. First up is Fila’s Loose Fit Printed Tank in Teal/Navy. It’s definitely a looser, breezy fit — perfect for hot runs and walks outside in the summer. (Loose is also on trend, according to our trend guru Kristen.) On the bottom half, we’ve got the Bella 3/4 Capri. Both of these are actually on sale as of writing this post and a total steal — but why pay when you can win it?

To enter, just comment below telling me why you deserve a new workout outfit. Maybe you deserve it because you cleaned up pee because your toddler missed the toilet. Maybe it’s that you managed to keep your cool even though your kiddo drew on the walls. Either way, I’m sure you really do deserve it, so get to entering. If you’re not a size M but want a new outfit, you’re in luck because yesterday’s giveaway will fit the bill for you!

U.S. residents only, please.

Good luck!Erin



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  1. I deserve a new outfit because my 4 month old has decided to cluster feed from 4 to 8 pm for the last week…

  2. I deserve a new outfit because I am only 16 pounds away from my goal weight after giving birth to identical twin girls 9 months ago. I also have a 2.5 year old girl at home and am one BUSY Mama!

  3. I just started trying to lose this baby weight (it still counts as baby weight even though my kids are 8 and 6, right???!!!) and I need some motivation!! New workout clothes would definitely fit do that!!!

  4. I deserve a new outfit because my husband started working nights, so I have to come home after working 10 hours and immediately go into Mom mode for the next 6 hours.

  5. I deserve a new outfit because I juggle working with my husband with our two companies, secretarial work for a tenant company and rearing 3 teens. I still find time for the gym 3 days a week and at least one day of yoga at home. I work hard for the money, so my kids can have a better future but that doesn’t leave a lot of room for extras.

  6. I deserve a new workout outfit because I’m always buying stuff for the kids and not for myself.

  7. I deserve a new outfit because I have lost 71 pounds so far since oct 2014…I am currently in a size large that is beginning to fit kind of loose, so medium will be fitting my booty very soon! I would love this as a motivation and “atta girl!”

  8. I think I deserve it because I have been dedicated to getting my body back after being on strict bed rest with my little guy for SIX MONTHS. I lost all of my muscle and a year later finally have my endurance building back up. Worth every moment for a healthy baby though! 🙂

  9. Began my exercising journey with my boys and this exercise outfit would come in very handy besides the feeling of happiness to be able to put on something new that fits on right!!!

  10. It’s an outfit that I would totally pick out for myself! Oh, and because I survived 2 blowouts yesterday (the kind where I need to change my clothes too) while travelling with a sick infant.

  11. Yay for the mediums of the world! I added some muscle, and still adding (very slow process as you know), so proud to ditch the extra small sizes (especially the bras!) for real life sizes. I will miss those Hello Kitty kid shirts but need to graduate to big girl workout clothes that I deserve!

  12. I deserve it because we are transitioning our son out of our bed and it has been 9 nights of constantly waking up every hour to get him to go back to sleep.

  13. I think I deserve a new workout outfit because I have been really sticking to my goal of exercising more this summer and have been consistently going for walks in the park to stay active. I don’t have a lot of workout clothing or a lot of money to spend on buying new items so being able to win something super cute and wearing that for a walk would be a great feeling.

  14. mothe of three teenagers…..I am a social worker who works long hours and almost never does anything just for me. Over the last several years I have done very little to look after my own health and have gained waaaaaay too much weight. My 15 year old daughter started an exercise class and eating a more healthy diet. After seeing her commitment to improving her health I am more determined than ever to get in shape so I can be around to watch my children become parents. Not to mention one of my BFFs is a total nag about my expanded waistline…

  15. I deserve to win this outfit because it’s a size M which would be perfect for me so it’s fate! and I always find new workout clothing to be a great motivator for exercise.