Five 5-Minute Workout Routines to Try

We’re celebrating our 5th birthday this week, so of course, we had to get fully on board with the five theme, which meant 5-minute workout ideas. Five minutes may not seem like a lot, but you’d be surprised at how much you can get done in five minutes. Besides, sometimes a 5-minute workout is all a mom has before she’s interrupted by a waking baby or someone demanding lunch. Here are five 5-minute workouts we guarantee will get your muscles burning and your heart pumping!

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Workout 1: Quick Cardio

One minute each.

High knees

Jump rope


Jumping jacks

Squat jumps


Workout 2: Upper Body Blast

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) for five minutes.

5 push-ups

5 tricep dips

5 overhead presses


Workout 3: Core-tastic

One minute each.



Right side plank


Left side plank


Workout 4: Butt Burn

One minute each.

Walking lunges


Walking lunges


Side lunges


Workout 5: Take It Easy

Go for a walk around the block. Not every workout has to be about the sweat. Sometimes you just need to get outside, move and enjoy!

If you’re feeling totally crazy, you can add all of these workouts up for a 25-minute workout. The walk makes a lovely cool down! —Erin


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