Beach Body 21 Day Fix: Week 1 Recap

I just wrapped up my first week of the 21 Day Fix with Beachbody. I am really happy with how the program is going, and the ease my week had with the organized prepped meals. On some days I found myself more hungry than others. While reading through the private Facebook support group, I found I wasn’t alone. In fact, a few ladies mentioned that they were feeling pretty hungry. Jessy, our coach, reminded us that we are making changes to our eating habits and that this is pretty normal early on in the process. We needed to trust the process and really grasp our food plan. That made me look back to really make sure I was fulfilling each requirement for my calorie bracket.

This program really wants you to eat. Not just open the pantry and go to town, but really think about your food choices and feed your body fuel. After refocusing on my protein intake, I felt stronger and really great. I felt satisfied with each meal. The food I chose to prep was also toddler approved — my mister was digging it! What made it great was I had my meals separated into the individual containers so I didn’t have to think about my portion sizes. I made extra and diced it up to bite-size pieces to be able to grab and go for Evan. 21dayfix-recap-585

I ate a lot of repeat meals for my lunch. This does not bother me, but some may get bored pretty quickly. I’m nervous about getting bored, so I have plans to switch it up for next week. My dinners were similar to lunch — same concept just different protein and vegetables. The Facebook support group has many members posting their meals and food prep, so I’m getting a lot of wonderful ideas and recipes!

Throughout the week, the meals stayed fresh and the seasonings kept. I think what made the difference was allowing the food to cool down for an hour or so before sorting it into the containers. I imagine the food would have been awfully soggy had I transferred it to a dish and into the fridge too soon. This week, I didn’t incorporate any treats — I was too nervous to, as sometimes a “cheat” meal can turn into a disaster for me. I chose instead to focus on each meal and really understand the process this week — listen to my body and how it was responding and really appreciate the food. We fuel our bodies through food, so I wanted to key in on that.

The nutrition plan is combined with 21 Day Fix Workouts, which are nuts! They range from 20 to 30 minutes and focus on anything from total-body to specific muscle groups. I really have never been a huge fan of home workout DVDs. I’d much rather attend a fitness class — they’re my favorite. Because I wasn’t as excited about this part of the program, I enlisted my husband to give them a try with me. We weren’t too convinced about getting that great of a sweat in the short time frame, but, boy, oh, boy were we ever wrong. We keep our house pretty cool in the summertime — I’m a nursing mama and these hormones freeze the rest of my family out. Even that couldn’t stop us! We were dripping and breathing hard, and it was pretty insane. Not all the programs are like that, but the Total Body Fix definitely played on repeat a few times. But don’t get me wrong: Even the Pilates Fix and Yoga Mix had me shaking. Think 10-Minute Fix for Abs will be a breeze? Yeah … that one had me crying the entire next day.

This week, I have felt in control and empowered for the next 14 days. My post-baby body has seen small changes and feels stronger for the week ahead. Stay tuned to see how next week goes!

Do you get bored with meals on repeat or could you eat the same thing every day? —Jennifer


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  1. I have no problem eating the same thing for a few days. I usually spend Sunday doing food prep for the week so that after work I don’t have to think about what to make for dinner or be so hungry that I eat everything in sight! The 21 day fix is a great program!!!!! I was worried about being bored and “limited’ on my food but that hasn’t been true once (and I’m on my 3rd round!). If anything its made be more creative in the kitchen. Pintrest is wonderful for new ideas. I highly recommend the Turkey bacon, Turkey & Sweet Potato burgers……they are delicious!!

  2. I’m happy to hear your first week went so well! Some weeks I can eat the same thing over and over and over and others I can’t. I think that’s due to the fact that I’m pregnant right now. LOL. I seem to get on a kick of one type of food for each meal and then that craving wears off and I have to find my next fix. 😛 But typically as long as I switch my foods week to week, I’m ok with some repetitive eating.

    **SIDE NOTE** It’s smart to let your food cool down before refrigerating since hot/warm meals placed in containers and then into the refrigerator can actual grow really bad bacteria! So not only is it good for non-soggy food, it’s also good for your health and not dealing with a stomach bug!!

  3. Love those surrenders in the Total Body Fix, right? Those are killers. I also enlisted my husband to do the workouts with me and he really liked it. I suspect he liked Autumn’s workout outfits better than the actual workouts, but whatever keeps him pushing play. 🙂 I love the portion control with The Fix. I discovered that I typically eat pretty healthy, but my portions were out of whack. Glad you are liking the program so far. Great wrap up.