Real Ladies, Real Inspiration

realfbgs-585Need a little inspiration? A pick-me-up? A little get-up-and-go before we head into the holidays? I know I do. The hitch in my giddy-up has been lacking; in plain speak, I’ve been burning the candle at all ends and have been having a hard time focusing on fitness. I’m just unenthused and uninspired (yep, even FBGs face burn out on occasion!). So just in case you’re feeling the blahs like me, here are a few women who you can look to to gain some inspiration.

Holly, Lindsay and Melissa embody what it means to be Real FBGs. Holly has lost at least 50 pounds. Lindsay is a runner and a triathlete. And Melissa has 2-year-old twins and loves how working out and making healthy choices makes her feel. Her babies were born at 28 weeks and were in the NICU for 80 days — a challenge that led to PTSD. After that, Melissa bounced back and did something for herself, namely, got fit.

Head over to read more about how these real women fit in fitness and maybe you’ll be inspired by their achievements like I was. We’re always looking for women to feature, so find out how you can join the #RealFBGs movement here.

Where do you look when your motivation goes missing?Erin


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