Holiday Gift Guide 2015: 6 Ideas for the Kiddos

December is here. Which means my kids will be waking up every morning this month saying, “Is it Christmas yet?” I know this because in October, it was every day until Halloween. In November, it was every morning until Thanksgiving. If they were excited about those holidays, you can imagine just how pumped they are for Christmas. I’ve learned my lesson though: I will not be wrapping any presents any time soon because that just puts them over the edge. They cannot take the suspense. I’ve started some of my shopping already, but here are a few fun items that jumped into my inbox that I wanted to pass along! (Make sure you check out our gift guide for parents, too!)


1. KidsConnect Phone.


Don’t want to buy your kiddo a smartphone but want to be able to connect? Try the KidsConnect, a small phone with basic features like four pre-programmed numbers, parental control of incoming calls, built-in GPS, real time tracking and voice monitoring. The Geofencing feature sends a text to parents when their child enters or leaves a predetermined location such as school, extra-curricular activities, the park or a friend’s house. KidsConnect has an SOS button and when it’s activated it will dial all four pre-programmed numbers continuously until someone answers. Plus, at $80, it’s more affordable than a smartphone too!

2. Tees.


Satva has awesome stuff for moms, but they’ve got pretty cute stuff for the kids too. Particularly these yoga-inspired animal tees ($20). How cute is the dog doing downward dog?

3. Shoes.


Sick of the themed shoes and light-up versions? Try these Cienta shoes that are basic at its best. Come on, bright red Mary Jane sneakers? And Chooze Weechooze infant shoes are another fun option for kids: With rubber for traction and a flexible fit, they’re perfect for early walkers. Plus, they’re different from left foot to right, which I think is wacky and adorable.

4. Bow Ties.


What is cuter than a bow tie on a little guy? These little bow ties ($15) from Little Mr. Button On Bow Tie simply button on existing buttons. They’re comfortable because there’s no metal clip, so they just might stay on your little man at least while you snap a picture!

5. SoYoung lunch boxes.

PicMonkey Collage

These lunch boxes ($32) and small cooler bags are super cute and guaranteed to be a hit with your lady who lunches or man who munches. You can choose from sharks, robots, woodland creatures and more to get a unique linen lunch box that will stand out. They’re insulated, have a removable insert so they’re easy to clean and have an extra back pocket for silverware or notes from mom.

6. Baby monitor.


My kids went through a stage where the green light on the baby monitor freaked them out. InfantTech has a less menacing option: An adorable plush baby monitor camera. Kids will never know that the adorable stuffed animal across the room is really watching their every move.

Okay, so maybe these are as much for mom and dad as for the kiddos, but that’s part of the fun of being a parent, right?Erin


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