Don’t Know Where to Start? Read Thinner in 30 with Jenna Wolfe

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So often, people have the desire to get healthier, eat better, get fitter — but they have no idea where to start. So they start counting calories, cut out entire food groups and start running every day even though they hate running. Then they make it a week, maybe two, into that life of misery and stop after realizing they can’t give up that entire food group because it’s taunting them in their dreams. They retreat into their Netflix and chomp lifestyle and repeat the cycle again in another month or two.

Jenna Wolfe wants to end that cycle with her book Thinner in 30: Small Changes That Add Up to Big Weight Loss in Just 30 Days. Jenna speaks the Fit Bottomed Girl language. She knows that people get overwhelmed by overhauling their lifestyles in a bid to get healthy overnight. So instead, she breaks that change into more manageable daily Changes to do over the course of 30 days. You’ve got to do the changes in order because they build on each other but you can move at your own pace. So if it takes you longer than you’d like to incorporate a healthy change into your life, stick with it and move to the next change when it becomes more of a healthy habit for you.

So, what does she expect you to do? Go vegan? Eat dirt? Run marathons? Nope — much more accessible and way less complicated than that. She really does ease you into change rather than trying to turn your world upside down. First change? Drink 20 sips of water first thing in the morning. With each change, Jenna shares tips and tricks for incorporating that habit into your lifestyle, and of course, a quick breakdown on why that habit will help you with the perfect amount of science for someone who just wants to get started and see results. (You know who you are!)

Jenna recommends keeping a food diary (and has great reasons why), getting more fiber, cutting down on processed foods and sugar, and incorporating more activity into your everyday life, whether it’s by walking or doing uppercuts while on a conference call. The book also includes specific workouts to do that you can do at home without equipment as well as tons of snack ideas and a directive to eat to make sure you’re not hungry. (Yay for the anti-diet messaging!)

You may think, “But I’ve heard some of this before. Drink more water. Fiber. Veggies. Activity.” But I promise, Jenna puts it into a package that makes it more of a life plan for you that you’ll actually do and there are loads of new tips you’ve never seen before. Plus, she’s got a great sense of humor throughout and the actual conversations she’s had with her parents truly cracked me up.

Who wants to be a little healthier in just 30 days? This is a book that if you follow the plan and don’t cut corners, you’ll definitely see a difference fast. —Erin

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