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My husband keeps his phone in his pocket all day. He’s got it set up to track his steps, and he’s always annoyed when it pipes up with “Be more active!” while he’s at work. One can only be so active at work when you’re, you know, working and all. He’s always impressed that I get so many steps in, most days hitting my 10K goal. He wondered how I did it — until I went out of town and he was on solo kid duty for three days straight. His phone was then chiming in with “Great work!” and “You hit your step goal!” He finally understood: Even eating dinner will gain you about 500 steps a day with the jumping up for paper towels to wipe up spilled milk and trips to the fridge to grab milk to refill what was spilled.

Moms walk a lot, is what I’m saying. Whether you stay at home with the kids and are doing endless laundry trips up and down the stairs or whether you’re doing daycare drop-off, you need support, right? And then there’s the walking for exercise thing for those days when you have time. This is where Rykä comes in. I’m sure you’re like me and concern yourself more with your kids ever-growing feet than replacing your worn out sneaks, so here’s your opportunity to treat yourself!

Rykä is giving one reader a chance to win a pair of walking shoes — and they’re super cute.


The Devotion Plus 2 ($79.99) has breathable mesh to keep your fast feet cool and all the support you need to keep up with your kiddos. So if it’s been awhile since you bought yourself a pair of shoes (ahem, if it’s been since 2010, I’d say you’re due … ), comment below (U.S. only, please) to enter yourself in our giveaway. Just tell me where you get the most steps in your day. Is it while hauling laundry? Walking kids to school? Chasing your toddler across the parking lot? For me, it’s the long trek in and out of schools at pickup! —Erin

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  1. God, I desperately need a new pair of walking shoes… I use the most mom-walking steps in the evening – my 3yo has decided that every part of our getting-ready-for-bed routine needs to happen in a different place. While bath time takes place in the same spot – we have 2 bathrooms but only 1 tub, and she’s afraid of showers – taking medicine might be in the kitchen; brushing teeth has often been in our bathroom rather than hers; brushing hair is typically while she’s banging away on the piano; getting undressed might be anywhere in the house; putting on PJs might be on our bed; etc. I’m exhausted just thinking about it, and I do it every night!

  2. Our master bedroom is on the bottom floor and our kids are upstairs. Lots of steps in a day! I’ve thought about an intercom. I have.

  3. I get a ton of steps checking my mail. I live way in the back of my apartment complex, and the mailbox is all the way at the entrance!

  4. These are great! I get my most steps chasing my 2 year old everywhere. He’s non stop always on the go!

  5. For me it’s definitely walking my dogs – they’re very active, which keeps me active!

  6. Id have to say I get most steps during my workout or when I take my daughter and dog on a walk. Shes only 7 months so shes not mobile..yet!! But soon!!

  7. I get the most steps, aside from a devoted walk, just from walking to the office from the parking lot at work.

  8. I get the most steps walking the 9 year old to the school bus stop for pick up and drop off! And walking the 6 month old puppy many times each day!

  9. Oh man. What good timing. I have a newly walking toddler so chasing after him is how I get the majority of my steps…at home, at the park…you name it. We live in a very walkable community, so it helps me to get some exercise in while tiring out my little guy!

  10. I work in an emergency room and always get 5 miles plus in steps! Thanks so much for the chance!

  11. I get the most steps on my daily walk around either my neighborhood or sometimes I drive to the park and walk there.

  12. My family takes a 45 minute walk every day, so that’s when I get the most steps!

  13. Most of the time its our daily walk to get the two kids outside and the dog some exercise, but sometimes it’s doing laundry. We have a split level with the laundry downstairs.

  14. I get the most steps from running up and down three floors doing the endless laundry.

  15. I get the most steps daily taking my dog for a walk. I usually walk him twice a day, before work and then in the evening.

  16. I would love to win these shoes! I get the most steps in a day at my job. I am constantly on my feet.

  17. Where do I get the most steps in my day…hmmm? It really it spread out through out my whole day. From the time my feet hit the ground I am getting myself ready for work, two kids ready for school in a two story house. Back and forth I go from my bathroom to theirs making sure they are getting ready. Then we start to head out the door and the lil one left something upstairs, back I go. So I work from 8-5 m-f. I try to get in some gym time on my lunch break which is only an hour long so I run into the gym, change, workout, change then back to work to scarf down a sandwich. I also try to walk on my 15 minute breaks since my afternoons at home are no less busy than the mornings! I have not bought myself a decent pair of tennis shoes in forever and really would love a pair! Actually, any mom on this page deserves them! We ROCK! Trying to stay fit and being a mom-much less wife and anything else if by FAR the hardest most challenging job EVER! But I LOVE it!

  18. I get most of my steroid at work, I also try to get a mile our two walk a few times a week. I just finished my first 5k and my shoes are falling apart but I was afraid to try new shoes and get blisters.