Once Upon a Farm … There Was Some Really Good Baby Food!

When Gwen was just over four months old, I really stressed about when and how to introduce solids. I was breastfeeding and didn’t want to rush her into something she wasn’t ready for. Okay, I wasn’t ready for, because, OMG, all the feels and hormones. But then, in true new-mom fashion, literally one day after I had a total emotional breakdown over it (again, hormones), she started reaching for food off of our plates and there was no turning back.

Give me that!
Give me that!

My child may not have been a great sleeper or napper for the first year of her life, but eating? Girl got that down.

Loosely following the baby led weaning method, we began giving her avocado, mashed sweet potatoes, peas and various fruits. She gobbled them down. And by around six months, girlfriend was chowing down on salmon, stir-fry, cheese and basically anything on our plates that we could get into bite-sized pieces for her. By a year, she was totally weaned, pretty effortlessly, too (we got lucky there).

The other thing Gwen has loved and continues to love food-wise? Pouches. I make reusable ones with yogurt or applesauce regularly, but when we are on the go, there is nothing more convenient than a pre-made pouch. Plus, I know she’s getting different fruits and veggies into her belly than what she normally gets at home (especially important because recently anything green she sees goes on the floor).

I honestly thought all organic baby food pouches were created pretty equal. I mean, it’s organic fruits and veggies in a pouch — how much of a difference could there be? And while the pouches we had been eating were definitely good (I always try them myself, too — figure if I don’t like them, then why would I feed them to her?), but after trying Once Upon a Farm’s pouches, it’s like a whole new pouch world opened up to my — I mean GWEN’S — tastebuds.

Some things never change.

Besides having the cutest packaging and name ever (I’m such a sucker for farm anything), these are high pressured processed (HPP), organic and absolutely and totally delicious and fresh-tasting. I mean, I was genuinely jealous of what Gwen was eating when I’d give her one. The company sent us a bunch of different fruit, veggie and superfood blends to try: Magic Velvet Mango and the Fairest of Pears (5+ months); OhMyMegaVeggie, Wild Rumpus Avocado, Mama Bear Blueberry, Green Kale and Apples (7+ months); Strawberry Patch, Carrot-y, Coconut-y Quinoa, Just Right Porridge (9+ months); and Chocolate Ever After (18+ months).


And all of them were amazing. Not too sweet at all, I really loved that many of them also included a healthy fat like coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, avocado or chia. (For example, the Chocolate Ever After has organic avocado, dates and raw cacao in it — um, awesome.) And, like me, Gwen loved them. Yay for self-feeding.


One of the secrets to these tasting so fresh is because they are indeed very fresh: they’re refrigerated. Which is great. But, also, maybe one of its cons? Although you can freeze them to use them later, it does make them a teeny weeny bit less convenient than other pouches that don’t need refrigeration. They’re also not available nationwide, at least not yet. (You can see if they’re in your area here.)

But what’s in them? You simply can’t beat it.


I’ll totally buy these once they’re available in my area — and I’ll definitely use them with baby no. 2. Or, heck, maybe just as snacks for me …

How often do you give your littles pouches? I’d say we’re good for at least three a week, if not more! —Jenn

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