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One thing you can never fully be prepared for when you become a mother is how time will be in such short supply. I thought I didn’t have time to shower with one kiddo, but now with three, I’ll work out in the morning and not get a chance to shower until I go to bed that night. Something more important always comes up and my stinky needs are always pushed to the side.

Because I know something as simple as washing your hair sometimes get pushed to the side in favor of feeding the children or getting someone to take a nap, today’s giveaway will help you look fresh and clean even if you’re not quite.

dry shampoo
The Philip B Russian Amber Imperial Dry Shampoo ($28) is lightweight, letting you create volume without sacrificing shine. It refreshes tired, unwashed hair in minutes so it feels clean and fresh between shampoos. Use it to extend the life of your blowout (ha, like you have time for those!) or to create body and lift any time. The dry shampoo works quickly to absorb excess oil, neutralize unwanted product build-up, and leave dirty hair bouncy and gleaming. It sprays on clear, so you get a clean, powdery-fresh feeling without any powdery residue. It’s also infused with the spicy-warm scent of Pure Russian Amber.

I, for one, need them to make a full-body version, but this one can be yours by commenting below. Just tell me what got between you and your shower the last time you had to skip it! Winners will be announced in about a week via email. U.S. only, please! —Erin


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  1. As I wash my hair every four days, I can create a just washed look by using Philip B Dry Shampoo. I feel so much better knowing my hair looks terrific. This is a lifesaver.

  2. Between being pregnant and chasing my 16 month old, sleep is waaay more of a priority than showering these days

  3. sleep sleep sleep and more sleep got between me and my shower the last time that I had to skip it. I would rather sleep than smell good and my family agrees.

  4. Hi Mamas! 🙂 The last time I had to skip washing my hair was last week after spending all day in the Texas heat, I needed to shower, but knew I wouldn’t have time to wash and dry my hair! (That’s where dry shampoo comes in hand.) #TexanProbs

  5. My budding Picasso (aka 3 year old toddler son) kept me from my last shower, since I spent the better half of my morning convincing him how much I loved his artwork as I scrubbed his 7 foot long mural from my wall.

  6. Usually the only thing that gets between me and my shower is I’m sick or the power is out.

  7. 3 crazy toddlers last got in my way– showers are precious moments for sure. This dry shampoo looks like a lifesaver!

  8. When you’re in between running, gardening, and n removing wallpaper, who needs to shower? Conserve water! Oh crap. Husband just asked if I wanted to go out for lunch…

  9. I had to switch to showering at night because my three little ones won’t let me in the morning. Some nights, I am just too tired so the next morning it’s the mom shower. Dry shampoo, baby wipes (not just for babies!), extra deodorant and a ponytail! I but all my friends who are moms to be dry shampoo and say, “you’ll understand later”.

  10. I just started working out over my lunch break so getting back to work usually stands between me and the shower. I typically try to do more strength workouts as opposed to heavy cardio to avoid getting to sweaty but would love a great dry shampoo to help me feel a little more confident before heading back to the office post-workout.

  11. What got between me and showering… What always does – kids and being so bone-achingly tired.

  12. Work sometimes I am at work for 24 hours or longer and showering on the job is not always an option.
    This would be a great way to freshen up with out needing a shower

  13. I’ve been starting to find spots of thinning on my scalp. I’m in my 30s btw, so yeah. Any midnight panicked Google search will tell you that daily washing doesn’t help matters. Dry shampoo is recommended as a supplement to allow 2-3 days between washing, and when you get a text that you’re already late to the nail appointment you forgot to put in your phone…dry shampoo to give you that I’m not a total disaster I swear look.