Rooting for Olympic Hopeful Sarah Brown

sarah brownWhat happens when an Olympic hopeful gets pregnant when her IUD fails? If you’re Sarah Brown, an elite track athlete, you decide to keep training for the 2016 Olympic Trials through the pregnancy.

Thankfully for us mere mortals, we can watch how she does it in the espnW five-part docu-series called Run Mama Run. The series of short films follows Sarah as she trains during pregnancy and has her baby — and then has only 16 weeks postpartum to prepare for the trials. Talk about bouncing back under pressure. I’ve watched the first two episodes in the series (one more appears today!), and the fifth and final episode is currently being filmed at the trials in Eugene, Ore., and will be online in the coming weeks.

Find all the episodes here as they go live.

I love the series so far because not only do I love an “underdog” story — Sarah is far from an underdog but her situation makes it a come-from-behind story for sure — but I love seeing the dedication of elite athletes. Add in the transition to becoming a mom and the challenge every mom faces of wanting to maintain a career while also having children and it’s a really compelling story.

I sincerely hope she kicks major butt.

Are you rooting for anyone in particular in the Olympics this year?Erin


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