Support from Every Angle (Plus a Brooks Running Sports Bra Giveaway!)

As my half marathon training continues, my training runs are getting longer and longer. Ever run 8 miles on a treadmill? It’s a special kind of boring. And it takes so long that I’m able to watch a couple of episodes of Scandal, which I started watching just to keep my sanity during the treadmill torture. But I do the treadmill because with three kids, running at the gym on a treadmill is my best option because I have support: The support of the gym daycare staff.

I’m so glad my husband is doing the half marathon too. We work as a team to get our runs in when we need to, which means that after a long day of work for him, I’ll do bedtime duty solo if needed because he’s got to do his own hour-long workout. He also understands if I need to head out for a quick run on a Friday night — or head up to the gym at 8 p.m. on a Saturday. Getting in training miles is hard, particularly if you have kids because you have to be super flexible with your schedule. You never know when someone will take an extra long nap that cuts right into your planned run so then you have to get creative later in the week. Again, support.

I also learned that I have a chafing threshold — the mileage at which an annoying rub turns into all-out bump-inducing chafing injury. I’d done a 7-mile run with no problems. But on my 8-miler, the entire last mile meant that my inner arm was rubbing on my shirt and was rubbed raw. I had to do a weird arms-flapping-like-a-chicken move to prevent myself from rubbing down to the bone. I’m now getting the support of anti-chafing cream and am careful to wear the right shirt because now it matters.

What also matters? The right sports bras. We’re Brooks Running ambassadors, so I got to try out one of its new bras for fall, the Frontrunner Racer ($56).


It’s got contoured cups, so it looks prettier than your average sports bra while also giving you enhanced support. It’s also super soft and comfortable — I didn’t feel like I was being smashed yet felt super supported. And chafing? Not a bit. But my favorite part is that the pads are sewn in, so you don’t have to worry about them shifting around or falling out in the wash and never being able to get them back in right. (That’s not just me, right?)

I also tested the Fineform A/B Sports Bra, which may be the cutest sports bra I own. No, it’s definitely the cutest.


It’s super flattering, really soft and extremely comfortable. The straps are adjustable and can go racerback or open back style. The hook-and-eye closure lets you adjust to your comfort, and again, super comfy. You also don’t have to worry about showing through because there’s just enough padding which is amazing because of how light and thin it feels.

My hubby? Not so interested in my excitement over my new sports bras because as my support and partner in running crime, he got outfitted with a Brooks Running outfit too. He’s more of a T-shirt and baggy shorts type of guy, so I was pumped to get him a real running outfit. He got the Steady Short Sleeve running shirt and the Rush 7″ running shorts.


He loved the feel of the running shirt, and it fits him really well. He’s not used to the slimmer fit of running shirts, but I’ll say it’s super flattering on him and makes him look like a runner. The shorts, though, have made him a Brooks-liever. (Like a Brooks Believer, obvs.) Although they were shorter than his usual knee-length shorts, they looked great on him and really performed. It kinds blew his mind that they were lined and he could go without his boxers — again, chafe prevention is key for our long runs and that helped considerably. I need to buy him several more pairs because every night he has to work out he asks if his running outfit is clean — a testament both to the performance of his gear and the fact that I can’t keep up with laundry.

His Transcend 3 shoes are also awesome. He needed a shoe update in a major way, and he’s been really happy with the support they give him. Plus, now we’re kind of twins as I have the Transcend 3 as well. Mine are pink, so not exactly twins.

brooks running

The Brooks Shoe Finder, by the way, is super helpful when looking for a new running shoe. The questions really narrow down your options by putting you through simple physical tests that determine which shoe will work best for you. No complaints here as it seemed to do the trick for both of us.

Now here’s where Brooks gets to support YOU: One lucky reader will get a Brooks Running bra of her choice. If you’re new to Brooks, clearly I’m all for the ones above. BUT. The two other new-for-fall-2016 are awesome. The Anyday bra is built to resemble your normal lingerie but offer enough support to get you through your workout. A bra that can take you from everyday activities to high impact activity? Yes, please. And for the bustier woman, the Embody goes up to a G cup! I wish the winner luck trying to narrow her options down.

To enter, just tell us in the comments below which of the Brooks bras you’d like. Winners will be chosen in about a week. U.S. residents only, please!

What’s it gonna be?Erin

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  1. I would LOVE the frontrunner racer bra! We’ve recently experienced layoffs in my home, so new running gear has been put on the back burner. A great bra from Brooks would be SO awesome right now!

  2. They have a great selection of running gear. My favorite sports bra is the Women’s UpRise Crossback Sports Bra in purple.

  3. oooo the anyday bra sounds perfect for me! Chasing a toddler around at home, I have to be ready for a workout anytime!

  4. That embody looks awesome. It’s so hard to find the right size and have enough support when you’re busty.

  5. Oh, wow! I would like to have the JustRight Racer bra. They all look great but this one especially caught my eye.

  6. I’m new to Brooks and would like the Fineform A/B sports bra. Haven’t tried the running shoes, they look really supportive with a good arch. I’m going to look into trying a pair. Thanks for the information!

  7. I would love to try the Frontrunner Racer! I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my second baby and there’s a lot of changes going on with my breasts! I’m going to need an even better bra once I start breastfeeding. I’m still running and my current bra is very snug!

  8. i love the Jubralee
    Women’s Jubralee Sports Bra because its full support and be used for all typers of workout whether its low impavt or high impact.

  9. I’m a huge fan of the rebound racer. I love that the straps are adjustable and it hooks in the back!

  10. I’d like to try the embody. So many apparel companies offer supposed high impact sports bras for larger sizes, but they have too much give or too many adjustment areas (that for me, mean impact failing). I’m quite slim, but have always had a larger bust. Now that I’m nursing, too, finding the right one is a tremendous struggle.

  11. Love, love, love the look of the FineForm A/B Bra. Moving Comfort is definitely my favorite brand when it comes to running or high impact activities. Keeps the girls in place! 🙂 Would love to win one!

  12. The front runner bra or the anyday bra! They’re both super cute! ❤️ I could definitely use a new one for this race season! I have a half marathon coming up in November! ????????

  13. I’d love the Embody Bra! I’ve gained about 40 pounds from menopause and want to get back in shape — my bazoombahs not hitting me in the face would really be incentive!

  14. I’m definitely intrigued by the fine form – it can be hard to find a good sports bra with adjustable straps!!

  15. I have the fineform and LOVE it! Would love to try the frontrunner racer, though – super cute!

  16. What a great opportunity! The Fiona and Jubralee are the most intriguing options. Has the fit changed since Brooks bought Moving Comfort? Wish there were more coral options. You’ll love the Transcends. One of my two go-to shoes. (I own two pairs of the originals and a pair of the 2s.)

  17. This is awesome!! I would love to try the Embody bra by Brooks. I am on the bustier side and finding a good sports bra for kickboxing class has been a challenge. I am also one who has a hard time being able to put the pads back in after washing, so no it’s not just you Erin.

  18. Sounds like the Fineform A/B bra would be the perfect fit. My favorites have all been Victorias’ Secret bras until recently when a little weight gain caused them to rub and chafe in ways that are painful (and just not pretty). I love bras that are functional but also stylish. This one sounds like it scores high in both areas! Thanks for testing them out : )

  19. I am always on the look out for a good sports bra! Would love to try the Frontrunner Racer, but any would be nice to have:) Thanks!

  20. A fineform A/B for me! I’m always looking for a bra that can prevent the dreaded chaffing (and subsequent bleeding….)

  21. I would love to find any bra that fits, honestly. But if my breasts were smaller than they are, I would like to have the Frontracer because it’s super cute!

  22. I would love the any day bra. I always have the problem with my sports bras showing without the right shirt

  23. Front Runner Racer, hands down! Awesome support keeps spectators looking my smile (not my assets) when I finally cross the finish!!

  24. My first choice for a Brooks running bra would be the Fineform C/D. The second choice would probably be the Frontrunner Racer. I am a 40D and have a hard time finding supportive sports bras that are also cute and don’t looks so “industrial”… these are both super cute!!

  25. I’d love to try the Embody! As a… not… flat-chested runner, I’m always looking for the right fit!

    Thanks ladies!

  26. I would love the frontrunner racer I am a new mom to a 7 month old with my first half marathon in October! Long time fan of Brooks and would love some new gear!!

  27. I’d for sure love the fineform A/B bra! Super cute and I just have a feeling it would be some extra motivation to make it through some long runs 🙂

  28. Brooks Frontrunner Racer please!!! It is so hard for me to find good sports bras with the right support as well as comfortable! 🙂