Pump and Dump? Try Pump and Run

pump and dump

Anyone who’s ever breastfed knows the logistics behind it. You wear clothes — or not — simply so you have easy access to your boobs. If you have to be away from your baby, you have to either time it so that you’ll be back by the next feeding or make sure milk is left behind. If you do the latter, you have to make sure you’re able to pump, lest you get too milk-full and uncomfortable. Traveling by car or airplane? There’s pumping in airport bathrooms and plugging into car adapters to pump. And then when you’re an active mom, you try to plan workouts around when your boobs are friendliest. Baby fed? Mustworkoutnow.

I remember when I ran a 10K in Brooklyn a few years back. My middle child was about 8 months and still nursing frequently. I had to get up at 3 a.m. to pump and then I had my fingers crossed that I’d be okay until the race was over because I wasn’t really going to have an easy opportunity to pump while at the race or afterwards. It all turned out fine, but by the time I was nearing home I was ready to throw myself at my baby for relief.

So when I saw the below Facebook post from a 5-months postpartum mom, Anna Young, who had to feed her baby in the wee hours of the morning before running a half marathon — and then pumped after running 8 miles — I was throwing all my kudos her way.

It took me a second glance to realize she was pumping while running. Yep. She’s got a hand pump and she’s getting it done. The only thing that would impress me more would be if she’d gotten handed the baby at mile 8 and carried her while running! Because damn. That is impressive. Talk about dedication and inspiration all rolled up into one badass mom. It just goes to show that there are very few excuses when it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle once you have kids. Where there’s a will and a pump, there’s a way.

I really hope she got to put her feet up and get a massage when she nursed her daughter after crossing the finish line.Erin

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