What School Lunch Looks Like Around the World

KOH CHANG, THAILAND - FEB 8, 2016: Unidentified children in the

The other day I ran out of peanut butter and jelly and used the last pieces of bread at the exact same time. The PB&J universe was bound to align like that after awhile, considering the frequency of my sandwich making. We’re definitely in a sandwich rut in our household. I fall back on PB&J all the time because when you see turkey sandwiches go to waste and tuna sandwiches go uneaten, you start to go back to Old Faithful just to get the kids to eat. I oftentimes wonder what on earth kids in other countries eat, and now I know.

Here is what school lunch looks like around the world. Maybe they’ll give you some ideas of foods to incorporate into your kids’ lunches too!
school lunch

by Euroffice

Which country’s school lunch would you most like to eat? I’m really torn between France and Spain. —Erin


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