Your Interactive March Madness Workout

My husband has been playing basketball since he was four years old. In fact, college basketball is what brought him to my hometown, Chicago. So, the month of March is like its own holiday for my husband. And although we’re nearing the end of the tourney (which is both sad and exciting), it’s not too late to celebrate March Madness with … a workout.

Yes, a fun interactive workout that you can do as you watch! Do it by yourself or with your favorite teammate(s) — it’s up to you.

You can always do something simple, like push-ups or squats during commercial breaks. Or you can watch the game from a treadmill, incorporating different speeds while the clock runs. But, we think making it interactive — where you do certain things based on words you hear the announcers say during the game — makes it more fun. Plus, it really gets you engaged with what’s going on in the tourney. Feel free to add or change as you go through!

So! Each time you hear one of the words below, do the corresponding exercise. Be ready to get sweaty!

Need some good tunes to play while you watch/work out? Here are some of our March Madness faves!

Who’s in for the making the final games extra exciting with this workout? —Jennifer


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