Your Childproofing Checklist

Before we even brought Gwen home, we had her nursery ready and the house pretty childproofed. All the outlets were covered, cabinets had child-safety locks on them and safety gates were in place. We. Were Set. Until, of course, Gwen was old enough to walk and really get into stuff and then we had a whole other round of childproofing to do. As any mom knows, you can plan and prep as much as possible, but motherhood is a full-time, real-time, on-the-fly kinda job.

That said, it sure would have been nice to have a handy dandy childproofing checklist that covered the whole house … the whole modern house with all of its gadgets and gizmos and cords! Which is exactly what this one from Tide is. It includes the basics — and the areas you might have overlooked (I know we did at first!). Moms of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers: Check. It. Out!

Any areas that you need to childproof? Don’t forget to childproof where you store your dishwasher detergent, too! —Jenn


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