Interactive Peppa Pig Workout

Like millions of children around the world, my daughter is obsessed with Peppa Pig. We have every possible episode of Peppa Pig DVRed from Nick Jr., we are proud owners of a Peppa Pig bath towel and toys (camper van and the whole Peppa fam, of course) … and we even snort like Peppa, a lot.

This all goes to say that Peppa Pig is playing in our home QUITE often. And while I really do think it is one of the cutest (and least annoying) kids’ shows out there, after watching it day after day, it might be nice to spice it up a little, right? To make it a bit healthier? A bit more interactive? And to help you to get a potentially killer workout in using only your body weight?

I thought so.

And, so, I’ve put my hours upon hours of Peppa Pig knowledge into developing the below interactive workout. Every time one of the below things happens on the show, you do the exercise noted. Simple!

While anyone can do this workout and enjoy it, if you’re a seasoned Peppa Pig viewer, you’ll probably enjoy some of the actions included in the workout. They’re a few of my own personal Peppa Pig inside jokes and reoccurring themes …

Oh, and obviously, invite your kids to join you in the fun of this!


Guys, please tell me how this goes and what episode(s) you worked out to! I did it to The Queen, and let’s just say that was a fairly intense first half filled with A LOT of sit-ups. —Jenn


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