5 Indoor Summer Activities

Whether it’s too hot to play outside or the rain clouds roll in, there are still ways you can keep your little ones entertained indoors all summer long.

5 Indoor Summer Activities

1. “Snowball” fight. The weather may be hot outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cool off indoors with a good ol’ fashioned “snowball” fight. All you need for this activity is some balled up paper or cotton balls and places to hide. The “snowballs” won’t hurt, but they will provide hours of fun running after each other and seeing who can launch them the furthest.

2. Mess-free finger painting. This is a great idea for small or bigger kids, and mom will like it too since it doesn’t make a mess. Grab a piece of paper, finger paints, plastic wrap and painter’s tape. Lay the paper down on the table, squeeze a little bit of paint here and there, cover with plastic wrap (make sure the plastic wrap is smaller than the paper), then tape around the edges so no paint seeps out. Then let your kids go to town. It is a great sensory activity, it’s fun, and it’s mess-free.

3. Indoor bowling. Of course you can buy a plastic bowling set at the store, but you can also make one at home. All you need is six of one of the following: small stuffed animals, empty toilet or paper towel rolls, or empty plastic bottles and a ball — any kind of ball. Set up the “pins” of your choice in triangle pattern and roll the ball or balls you’ve chosen to knock over the pins.

4. Treasure hunt. This is a favorite in my house, even when the weather is beautiful outside. I take a treasure chest and fill it with stickers or a special treat (whatever I have laying around at home) and I hide it. Then I take Post-it notes (but any paper will do) and I create a trail of clues throughout the house leading to the treasure chest. It is both fun and educational and my son loves it, especially the prize at the end! Make it even more fun by dressing up as pirates or explorers.

5. Super straws. This idea is a two-in-one and all you need are straws, paper, paint and some different types of objects you have laying around at home. For the first activity, take the random objects and line them up on a flat surface. Then blow into the straw to see which ones move and which ones go the farthest. When you’re little one is done with that, grab a piece of paper, some water colors, drop a few colors on the paper, and let him blob the paint around creating art. Who knew something so simple could make so much fun?

What indoor activities do you like to do during the summer? These upcycled crafts are fun, too! —Jenn A.


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