How to Work Out With a Toddler

Remember when I used to take Gwen to the gym with me? And then, had to get creative because she was more mobile? And I was even able to corral her in this?

Those were the days.

My friends, I haven’t written a post about what it’s like to work out with Gwen for more than a year, and that’s because — shocker — I don’t take her to the gym anymore. With all of those toddler opinions and all of that energy, I’ve just found it easier to hit the gym before she gets up or over lunch when she’s at daycare.

Honestly, I haven’t even attempted to work out at home much either — other than doing some burpees or yoga poses with Gwen, per her “suggestion*.

And after seeing Sarah Fit’s video on how to work out with a toddler, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone. It is HARD to do, people!

It’s also hilarious.

Phase 1: optimism, phase 2: apprehension, phase 3: defeat? THIS IS MY LIFE. I’ve never felt more understood.

Moms with toddlers: how are your workouts coming? Doing them solo or with toddler in tow? —Jenn

*AKA: demanding


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