My First Week at Weight Loss Boot Camp

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I am a lover of all things Fusion Fitness. I first was introduced to the studio  by a friend when I moved to Kansas City from Chicago. The first class was the scariest most exhilarating experience I had ever experienced in a workout room.

Fast forward eight years later and I’m still popping my head into this studio. I’ve talked about Fusion before and how I used it as an outlet following miscarriage, and how, unbeknownst to the trainers, they comforted me during my time of mourning. I have been stalking the Weight Loss Boot Camp at Fusion for years, so when owner and founder Darby Brender was interested in partnering with our Fit Bottomed World, I became very excited (and a tad bit scared!).

The boot camp started when Shawna Wright, a former athlete, found herself in the same position as many of us following baby: trying to get our groove back, lose weight, increase our health and energy, and just FEEL GOOD! There was a weight loss challenge with a local fitness magazine and Darby knew just who she wanted to take on as a client for the competition. Darby worked with Shawna, goals were reached and Weight Loss Boot Camp was born.

This first week was spent understanding our bodies, and learning (or relearning) our way around the kitchen. We introduced the concept of whole foods, foods for fuel, and how that fuel was important to our success on the scale and in the studio. The boot camp is a great starting point for women who are interested in Fusion but may feel intimidated by the place.

This week was great for so many women who have never attended before. We slowed down our movement, focused on feeling the muscles we were targeting and also understanding how to better stabilize our core to protect our back and make our movement efficient. Efficiency is key — for our bodies and our minds.

I’m coming off of an activity hiatus post achilles tendinitis. I haven’t been in the studio since May. I’m feeling rusty and a little down about having to take steps back during recovery. Weight Loss Boot Camp is exactly the starting point I need to focus on form and to become familiar with my mat again.

My biggest takeaway from this week was the accountability — to Shawna, Fusion, myself and the women who are a part of this sweaty sisterhood.

Stay tuned for more updates and an intro to a take-home workout from the pros themselves! Follow us daily at @fitbottomedmama and @jennydschloz to see what the day brings and gain some helpful tips from the kitchen, too! —Jennifer


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  1. Wow! Weight loss is a challenge for me , i am trying hard to control it, but you filled me with the new motivation. ENjoyed reading your stuff.