The Love-Your-Mom-Bod Anthem We’re Absolutely Loving

Some women’s bodies bounce back after pregnancy. Some do not.

And you know what? That’s awesome. That’s real. That’s body diversity. That’s beautiful. That’s life!

(And the pressure to “bounce back” after — hello! — you just created a human is absolutely insanely RIDICULOUS. But that’s for another soapbox rant.)

So when we saw this music video parody of “Baby’s Got Back” to “Mama’s Got Bump”? Well, you know we were pretty much high-fiving the internet over it. It celebrates moms of all shapes and sizes and is helping to shift the cultural norm towards loving yourself — which, clearly, we are totally into.

Plus, I mean, they do a GREAT and hilarious job with the lyrics. I may have listened to “Baby’s Got Back” on cassette so many times it was practically worn thin as a teen, but this takes the listen-on-repeat cake.

Which line was your fave? Own it! Own it!Jenn


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