15 Reasons Yoga Is Great for Kids

I remember when my daughter was only a year or so old that we started doing basic yoga poses together. She’d have a blast acting like a cat or cow — and once she mastered one-legged down dog? Well, it was almost worth going out for ice cream for to celebrate, she was so pleased with herself.

Now that she’s a bit older (and fully mastered one-legged down dog), we’re starting to play with doing tree pose, chair pose and — really — any pose that mimicks an object or animal she understands. And it’s FUN.

Turns out, that type of “play” is also really, really beneficial for kiddos — inside and out.

And this inforgraphic from Mom Loves Best.com breaks it down beautifully.

What yoga poses do you and your kids like to do best? I’m planning to start doing the warrior poses with Gwen soon so we can get our Wonder Women stances on. —Jenn


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