What We Do

Well before either of the Fit Bottomed Girls was pregnant, we had the idea for launching Fit Bottomed Mamas to cover health and wellness as these fit bottomed ladies transition into fit bottomed mamas. Like the Fit Bottomed Girls website, Fit Bottomed Mamas features multiple weekday posts with fresh content for women who want to be as healthy as they can during pregnancy — and once they have a new little tot in tow. The website offers fitness news, pregnancy and post-pregnancy workout ideas and reviews, healthy eating content, tips on adjusting to the major life change, and balancing time for yourself with the demands of a growing family, and of course, first-hand experiences as real moms adjust to pregnancy and motherhood.

The Fit Bottomed Mamas’ Mission

It can be tough to get healthy when it’s just you. Add in a pregnancy, baby — or several babies — and balancing your life just got tougher. Fit Bottomed Mamas’ goal is to help bring fun, fitness and balance to your pregnancy, to your post-delivery recovery and to your expanding family — and provide a little humor while doing it. It’s not about looking perfect or losing that baby weight in 30 days — it’s about making healthy choices for yourself and your family.

While Fit Bottomed Girls focuses on mostly fitness, Fit Bottomed Mamas supports Fit Bottomed Girls in every area of life — from finding balance to maintaining strong relationships to staying sane — as they grow their Fit Bottomed families. Just like Fit Bottomed Girls emphasizes the philosophy that it’s not about the number on the scale or size of your bottom, Fit Bottomed Mamas does the same. FBM also recognizes that moms make lots of choices — from whether they stay at home with the kids to whether they breastfeed — and Fit Bottomed Mamas isn’t here to tell you that one way is best. FBM believes that moms do what’s best — and what works — for their families.